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Dirty roofs covered in lichen or algae can cause serious damage to your home or building. Restoring your roof back to the perfect condition can be a daunting task but fortunately for our customers completing this task is as easy as making a simple phone call. A safe and effective soft wash, roof cleaning service is a much more cost-effective and time-saving alternative to repairing or replacing your entire roof. Whether you have asphalt, cedar or tile roofing on your home we can clean it up for you! Call us today for immediate assistance.

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Why do I need roof cleaning?

Some homeowners who are fortunate to live in dry or colder climates don’t have to worry about cleaning their roof as much as residents in and around the Houston Texas do. This is because warm or humid environments are the perfect place for algae to grow, in particular, Gloeocapsa Magma. Gloeocapsa Magma is an algae that grows on your roof, looks terrible and also eats away at your roofing material! To save yourself thousands of dollars in roof replacement costs an affordable roof cleaning service is a must!

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Roof cleaning that lasts

Our roof cleaning service ensures that your roof will stay clean for years to come even in the moist and warm environment that we live in here in Houston Texas. We can provide this type of guarantee due to the Superior Products and techniques that we use to ensure your roof is completely free of algae, lichen or that crazy name we talked about earlier Gloeocapsa Magma, this organism sounds scary but we know how to destroy these unwanted guests that eat away at your roof and keep them away for years to come.

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Affordable roof Washing

We are able to provide you great value of high quality combined with affordable pricing. We can do this because our products are extremely effective at removing stains and algea while also using low-pressure spray-on methods when available, which cuts our service time and our costs. Because of these efficient techniques and products we are able to provide a fast and affordable roof cleaning solution to all residence in the Houston Texas area.

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Alex was the most dedicated and professional contractor I have encountered in a very very long time. He kept me informed of what he was doing and had the equipment that other pressure washer companies should have. He pre-treated and post treated my concrete surfaces to preclude future mold problems. In addition to all he did, his price was extremely reasonable.
Zack Chaky
Houston TX
I needed to graffiti removal service for my wooden fence. HouTex Pressure Washing was able to completely remove the graffiti for me. They were also able to do all of the work at an affordable price. Alex was very good at keeping communication with me. I would definitely use their pressure washing service again if I ever need it.
Robert Methvin

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